Ag Law

Agricultural Law covers areas as diverse as the industry itself. It governs legal issues affecting farmers and the agricultural industry. The broad range of issues include those involving crops, livestock, land uses, and zoning. It may involve local, state, and/or federal regulatory bodies. Ag Law representation may be required by small family farms or large commercial operators, Cooperatives or agribusinesses. Johnson & Taylor’s strong presence in agricultural representation means they know and understand agriculture issues, regulations, requirements, and the liabilities/limitations of each case. They bring the right resources to the table to provide fair and accurate representation.


Mary Does Ag

Representative work

– Oversees sales and purchases of farm land

– Helps families with farm partitions

– Advises on estate and succession planning

– Represents clients at farm auctions

– Manages 1031 exchanges

– Prepares farm management agreements

– Reviews and prepares leases for wind towers